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Information and advice for adults and children affected by bullying

Help and advice covering all forms of bullying for adults and children


Most people understand bullying as behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, that is intended to hurt another individual or group either physically or emotionally. If you are struggling with bullying, harassment, cyberbullying or anti-social behaviour issues, we hope this website will enable you to identify solutions and remedies along with practical help.


All bullying, whatever the motivation or method is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. It can affect anyone and we are all potential targets - whether we are adult, child or the bullying is at school, in the community, at work, on line or at home.

By law, all schools must have measures in place to prevent bullying and teachers, pupils and parents should be told what that policy is. A schools involvement in tackling bullying should not start at the point at which a child or student has been bullied. Good schools develop an ethos to prevent bullying happening in the first place. When bullying does occur, it is important for schools to respond promptly, support the bullied pupil and ensure that bullying does not happen again.


Likewise, employers should have robust procedures in place to deal with bullying in the workplace. If you are being bullied, talk to your employer and find out what procedures and policies are in place and find out how to make a formal complaint using your employer’s grievance procedure.

Are you or someone you know being bullied at school?

If you think someone is bullying you or you are worried or frightened, tell someone you trust exactly what is happening or call our free children’s helpline on 0300 323 0169. For parents dealing with bullying at school, knowing your child is being bullied is extremely difficult to deal with. The only way to put a stop to bullying is if the parent and teacher work together to find the right solution. We are here to help and offer information and advice to help you communicate with the school and find a way to stop bullying.

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Help for children being bullied


Are you being bullied by someone at school or maybe some kids that live near you are picking on you. It is very important that you tell an adult what is happening. If you are frightened or scared and don't have anyone you can talk to, please call us free on 0300 323 0169

Bullying at School, information for parents


If your son or daughter is getting bullied at school or you are a parent dealing with a distressed child who is being bullied right now. We can help with practical advice that’s proven to stop bullying or help you approach the school to address the situation.

Bullying guide for parents and carers


A step by step guide for parents designed to walk you through every step of the process and help you resolve the problems your child is facing. This guide includes everything you need to know including template letters to the school, Headmaster and Governors or Trustees.

Are you being bullied at work?

The National Bullying Helpline are employment law specialists and can help anyone dealing with bullying at work. We can advise you on your rights and what you can do next if you have been bullied at work. Bullying in the workplace can cover a wide variety of topics so if you need more information on any subject related to bullying, please call our confidential helpline on 0845 22 55 787

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Help and advice for employees


If you believe you are being bullied or harassed at work by a colleague or management, we can help. You may have been Suspended, Dismissed or Disciplined or left feeling you have been treated unfairly. Click here for more information

Information for managers and businesses


We specialise in all areas of employment law related to Bullying and conflict resolution. From dealing with difficult staff to Independent workplace investigations we can help. You will find guidelines, tips, recommendations and solutions here.

Frequently asked questions about bullying


We have put together some quick answers to some of the most frequently asked question we hear at the National Bullying Helpline. If you are looking for information and advice for any of the following questions, we can help.

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Spotting the signs of Gaslighting


Psychologists describe Gaslighting as a subtle but unhealthy manipulative behaviour. It is bullying and a classic abuse of power.

How to raising a formal grievance about bullying


How to raise a formal grievance about bullying in the workplace from informal discussions with your manager to raising a grievance and the grievance process.

Covert Recording at work


Can covert recording be used as evidence? The law on recording conversations is still a grey area and evolving all the time depending on the facts presented at each case.

Bullying Help Guides and downloads


Here you will find Bullying Guides to help you through your current situation. They are well structured and contains sample letters and guidance to assist in almost every scenario. There will be something for you here to help tackle bullying, on or off-line. Before calling our helpline, take a quick look at the documents below.

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Someone you know is bullying you on-line


If someone has posted false, malicious or private things about you online and you believe the cyberbully is someone you know or used to be friends with, this can be very distressing. This guide will help you understand what you can do and how to persuade the perpetrator to stop bullying you.

What to do if accused of being a bully


Being accused of bullying can be very upsetting. If you are accused, it may be you're being subjected to a form of bullying yourself. It may be, you need some assistance or additional resources. This document is aimed at assisting those who are accused of bullying – whether it's true or not.

Make a Subject Access Request (SAR)


You have the right to ask your employer whether or not they are using or storing your personal information. This is called making a subject access request or SAR. This guide explains how to make a subject access request including template letter to your employer.

Our four step process to help you combat bullying


Every call we receive has a unique set of circumstances, some are just looking to clarify their position, while some have reached the point where they want to take legal action. With this in mind, we have developed a four step process to help you work through your situation and resolve your bullying issue.

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1. The NBH Website

This website is full of information related to bullying, including useful tips, common-sense approaches, advice and practical information for adults and children.


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2. Free Helpline

Call our free helpline for bullying and employment law advice. We will do all we can to help you  understand your rights and give you the confidence to resolve matters yourself.

Call: 0845 22 55 787

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3. Case Assessment

An employment law specialist will review your situation and provide you with a professional, case specific report with details on how to proceed and what steps to take next.

Case Assessments

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4. Instruct a Professional

Do you need to talk to a solicitor or get help with a business dispute? Search the Bullying Directory for professional services across the UK related to bullying and employment law.

Bullying Directory

Helpful information related to bullying on this website


Bullying can cover a vast range of topics and have a substantial effect on your health, your work life and even your business. Here you will find some of the topics covered on this site with useful information and advice.

Employment law covering bullying


We have specialist knowledge in Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Facilitation and employment law. We can advise on the best course of action if you have a legal concern.

Cyberbullying and online abuse


Cyberbullying is bullying online and any form of anti-social behaviour over the internet or via a mobile device. It is an attack or abuse, using technology, which is intended to cause another person harm, distress or personal loss.

Work related stress due to bullying


Here we address the issue of Work Related Stress and talk you through causes, effect and action you can take to reduce the risk of negative stress. Stress can affect us all differently and no one is immune to feeling stressed

Bullying Case Assessment Service


If you instruct us to carry out an assessment of your case you will receive a professional overview from a qualified HR or Employment Law specialist. On conclusion of the process, you receive a comprehensive Case Assessment Report.

Do you know someone at risk or have concerns for a friend or colleague?


We will act if we believe and adult or child is at risk or in danger. We have a Service Agreement with Wiltshire Police, covering the UK, and we work closely with them in cases where an individual feels intimidated or threatened in any way. In an emergency you can contact the Police Domestic Violence Liaison Officer : North & West Wilts. Telephone: 01249 449766


We help people in distress in a practical, positive, timely, way and in some cases we will put callers in touch with professional service providers ; (ACAS, Solicitors, Mediators, Counsellors and other dispute resolution service providers etc).

The Bullying Directory

Do you need advice from a legal expert or someone to help you though a business dispute?  Search for professional services across the UK related to bullying and employment law.

The Bullying Directory

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