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The National Bullying Helpline website and helpline is run by Volunteers. We are open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. As a voluntary run organisation, we operate with limited resources and funds. Please be patient if you are unable to get through first time.

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For all media enquiries please contact Amanda Stocks, Exclusive Press & Publicity

Our Volunteers give their time freely and unconditionally to this helpline. We do not provide counselling services, mental-health or welfare advice and nor do we provide free legal advice relating to the merit of a particular case. We endeavour to remain impartial and, at the same time, offer practical advice to help you understand options open to you. We will do all we can to help you deal with the situation you are facing, to help you to understand your rights and give you the confidence to resolve matters yourself.


We find that some callers have high expectations when they call us. We may not be able to resolve your problem, but we will do all we can to help. If you are feeling angry or emotionally distressed at your personal circumstances at the time of your call, we would advise you to take a short break and call us when you feel calm. The conversation we have in that circumstance is likely to be far more productive. Avoid calling us while you are driving or walking. You may need to have pen and paper ready to take notes.


Please note: Our Volunteers will terminate a call where a caller is unreasonably abusive. Finally, we do not get involved in any disputes involving the Police, the NHS or a local Authority. Call Charges: 0845 calls are charged at circa 7p per minute plus your telecom providers access charges. We do not receive revenue from inbound calls and nor do we profit from calls.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


GDPR Statement of Compliance Here at The National Bullying Helpline we take your privacy seriously. We will only use your personal information to administer your account and provide the products and services you have requested from us, as set out on our Website or in our Terms and Conditions statement. Simply, we only collect information that we need for specific purposes. We keep all data secure while it is in our possession. We ensure all data is relevant and kept up to date. We will only hold as much data as we need and only for as long as we need it. Data is then destroyed securely or on request it is returned to you, our Client ; documents such as employment records for example. We never share your data or pass it to a third party.  We will allow a subject to see the data we hold (in their case only) on written request. For our complete GDPR policy statement contact us directly on 0845 22 55 787.

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