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Is your child being bullied

A step by step guide for parents

Is you child being bullied. A step by step guide for parents

On a daily basis we hear from distressed parents of children allegedly being bullied in school or being bullied on-line

 (eCRIME or Cyberbullying). Occasionally, the bullying is occurring in the community but very often this is linked in some way to the school the child attends – or a club or social group. The approach we recommend applies in most cases.


Is your child being bullied, is a guide written by the founder of the National Bullying Helpline designed to walk you through every step of the process and help you resolve the problems your child is facing. This guide includes everything you need to know from setting expectations, the role of the school, how to escalate matters to detailed template letters to the school, Headmaster and Governors or Trustees.


  • Common issues parents face with Schools
  • The role of the school and their
    anti-bullying policy
  • A code of practice
  • What you need to do step by step
  • How to escalate matter
  • Bullying is a crime
  • Case studies
  • Template letter -
    Addressed to the school
  • Template letter -
    Addressed to the Headteacher
  • Template letter -
    Addressed to Governors or Trustees

Over 90% of the parents we speak to that have followed this guide have successfully dealt with their bullying issues

Included in the Guide

We ask for a small contribution of £10.00 for each download that goes directly to the National Bullying Helpline


For parents dealing

with bullying

Bullying Help Guides

Step by step guides about bullying at home, school and work

What to do if you are accused of being a bully

Over 80% of managers admit that bullying occurs within their organisation. Few admit to being responsible. Have you ever been accused of being a Bully? In an ideal world we would not need to deal with workplace bullying but unfortunately it happens.


This guide, What to do if you are accused of being a bully, will help you understand how to defuse a contentious situation. What measures you should take to protect yourself and it will explain what your statutory rights are.


Anyone accused of being a bully will, naturally, be upset. If you are accused, it may be you are being subjected to a form of bullying yourself. You can protect yourself.


We ask for a small contribution of £10.00 to help run our helpline

What to do if you are accused of being a bully. Download Guide

Thank you very much for this (The Guide for Parents) it is extremely helpful. I was shocked on how accurately you describe the situation with examples of the school’s denial through to the feeling of helplessness of parents.

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The National Bullying Helpline was established 20 years ago by founder Christine Pratt and is today a leading UK Anti-Bullyiing organisation assisting both adults and children. We are the only anti-bullying organisation providing operational support for the public whether the conflict is in the home, the community, the playground or the workplace.  As a voluntary organisation we are completely reliant on donations and the funds raised from these guides.


We ask for a small contribution for each download that goes directly to the National Bullying Helpline and will help us maintain a free dedicated helpline for the hundreds of vulnerable adults and children that contact us every day.


Guide for Management

on Workplace Investigations.

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