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We have sourced a range of anti bullying items from T-shirts to children book that we liked and we think you might too. We have something for everyone from bedtime stories for your children to self help books tackling bullying in the workplace. Click on any link below for more information on the product or use the search bar opposite to search for any product on


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Bully in sight by Tim Field

Bully In Sight

The late Tim Field wrote the first UK website for employees.  He also published Bully In Sight : How to predict, resist, challenge and combat workplace bullying. Tim talks about; Human behaviour, effects of bullying, common excuses, remedies and what can be done. He addresses the role of the bully. How bullying manifests, itself’, process, serial bullying, bullying phases, bully behaviours and bullies in denial. He even discusses psychopathic personalities and bullying phrases. For the victim he talks about strategies, symptoms, hypervigilance, remedies and solutions through to recovery and relationships moving forward.


This book is essential reading if you are being bullied at work.

Anti bullying t-shirts

Anti bullying and be kind t-shirts available in a choice of colours for Men, women and children

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Children's books about bullying

These are great books for children to help them understand bullying.

Children's books about bullying

Books about bullying

These are great books for children to help them understand bullying. For more books like this, click the link opposite

More books about bullying
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