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Bullying? Collective Bullying? Collusion?

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We commit to provide FREE and practical advice and guidance, on a confidential basis, relating to any concern or dispute in the workplace. Our advisers are CIPD trained and have specialist skills in conflict resolution.

Lady cryingWorkplace bullying and anti social behaviour is unfortunately a fact of life for too many workers in the UK. Unlike their playground equivalents work place bullies and their supporters tend not to use physical abuse. Instead they resort to long term psychological intimidation which can be just as devastating for the person on the receiving end. Fortunately for those being bullied help is at hand, for one of the most distressing parts of being bullied is the feeling that no one seems to care and there is nowhere to go for help.

We care!

Bullying in the workplace takes many forms and it is important to remember that each incident may seem unimportant in isolation but there is a cumulative effect which builds into a much more serious situation.


PTED : POST TRAUMATIC EMBITTERMENT DISORDER. Are you feeling distressed? Do you have PTED? Are you suffering with anxiety and is it workplace anxiety? Is your distress turning to stress? Are you suffering with work related stress? Is all this due to abuse at work? Has your doctor signed you off work? Do you believe your employer is treating you unfairly? Is someone at work bullying or harassing you? Are you being subjected to an unfair disciplinary or dismissal process? Have you been suspended? Is the cost of it all impacting on your home life and your general welfare?

There is a new disorder being diagnosed in the USA in relation to workplace harassment and bullying: Post Traumatic Embitterment Disorder. With PTED the victim can no longer trust anyone around him/her and the trauma in essence consumes the victim with profound “bitterness” making the victim incapable of moving on from the incident. We believe quite a few people are entrapped in their trauma and have been for years. Does this sound familiar?

WHAT IS PTED. PTED is a proposed disorder modeled after Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some psychiatrists are proposing this as a mental disorder because they believe there are people who have become so bitter they can barely function. PTED patients might not fit the formal criteria for PTSD and can be clinically distinguished from it, prompting the description of a new and separate disorder.

A German psychiatrist, Michael Linden, has done some groundbreaking research into this condition and describes its effect on people: “They feel the world has treated them unfairly. It’s one step more complex than anger. They’re angry plus helpless.” He says that people with the disorder are almost treatment resistant and that; These people usually don’t come to treatment, or do not respond well to treatment and/or mediation because they believe the world has to change, not them. This may be one reason (of many perhaps) why mediation is not always successful in conflict cases. He believes that 1% to 2% of people are affected at any given time, and explains that, although sufferers of the disorder tend to have a desire for vengeance, “…revenge is not a treatment.

We believe the statistics are far higher.

This behavior is so common — and so deeply destructive – that some psychiatrists are urging it be more widely identified and acknowledged as a mental illness under the name post-traumatic embitterment disorder. Embittered people are typically good people who have worked hard at something important, such as a job, relationship or activity. When something unexpectedly awful happens — they don’t get the promotion, their spouse files for divorce or they fail to make the Olympic team — a profound sense of injustice overtakes them. Instead of dealing with the loss with the help of family and friends, they cannot let go of the feeling of being victimized. Almost immediately after the traumatic event, they become angry, pessimistic, aggressive, hopeless haters. This very severe emotional reaction can become ‘all consuming’ and negative. The degree of reaction varies.

If any of these sound familiar, please read on. We may be able to help you. Contact us on 0834 22 55 787 for FREE, confidential, support.

Alternatively, email us at admin@nationalbullyinghelpline and put your question to us – or simply read on.

1 in 4 people allege they are being bullied at work

and 1 in 8 people are affected by bullying at work

Note: We are not a Charity and nor are we a legal firm. However, we have a wealth of employment law expertise and we are UK leading experts in dispute resolution.


If you are facing a disciplinary at the moment, it can be a worrying time. If you have recently been suspended or even dismissed and you beleive your employer has not followed the correct procedure, you may be able to do something about it.

You need to act quickly as, the general ‘rule of thumb’ requires employees to do something about it within a three month time-frame. We are unlikely to be able to help you if you are distressed due to something that happened two or three years ago. Only therapy or counselling is likely to help in this situation.

If you have recently, quite suddenly, lost your job - with no satisfactory written explanation, you may have been subjected to an unlawful process or even wrongful dismissal. Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, call us now.

If you have been made Redundant and you do not believe your employer has treated you fairly, seek advice immediately. You only have a small time-frame of 3 months to take action, today !

Have any of the above circumstances (disciplinary, suspension, dismissal, redundancy) occurred because, in your view, you raised concerns or submitted a formal complaint? Seek advice immediately.


From 6th April 2010 doctors and employees saw the introduction of a so called “fit note” or “Statement of Fitness for Work” as opposed to the old system of providing a sick note, which simply states the reasons for a particular illness together with its anticipated duration. This new approach will give you greater flexibility in terms of a phased return, altered hours, amended duties and workplace adaptions.


If you are going through a difficult time at work and it is impacting on your health, or causing you unnecessary stress, you may need advice and assistance right now.

Everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect. If you beleive you are being treated unfairly, or if you would like to raise matters with your employer formally, we can help. We would be pleased to assist you.

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Cyber-bullying is on the increase. Cyber-bullying is a crime. If you are a target of Cyber-bullying, or an anonymous blog, see our LAW page or seek professional support. Remember, Bullies are Cowards!


Contact us on 0845 22 55 787 for confidential support and FREE advice.


Have you been made Redundant or dismissed unfairly? Worried about your income? We may be able to help.

If you are facing redundancy or dismissal or you are worried about money (such as outgoing costs and living costs), we may be able to help.

If you have been recently released (made redundant, dismissed, “let go”), and your employer did not consult with you, inform you of your right to be accompanied at the dismissal meeting, inform you of your statutory rights and put the business case in writing – or fail to inform you of your right to appeal – then you may have been dismissed unlawfully.

You really should seek advice within 3 months of a dismissal.

This is a FREE Helpline.

Are you worried about your job and your future income? If you are facing redundancy or dismissal or you are worried about money (such as outgoing costs and living costs), we may be able to help. There is a whole host of practical support and advice on this website.

Additionally, on the home page you will find a list of dispute resolution service providers that may be able to help you.

Call: 0845 22 55 787 for FREE support.





"You are doing God's work". Helpline caller.


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ACAS : 0300 123 1100

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The NSPCC : 0808 800 5000

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1 in 4 people allege they are being bullied at work today

Cyber-bullying is not just a 'kids thing' it affects us all

Is your STRESS due to bullying or harassment

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There is a new disorder being diagnosed in the USA in relation to workplace harassment and bullying: Post Traumatic Embitterment Disorder.

With PTED the victim can no longer trust anyone around him/her and the trauma in essence consumes the victim with profound “bitterness” making the victim incapable of moving on from the incident. We believe quite a few people are entrapped in their trauma and have been for years. Does this sound familiar?

Call us for further details or read the article on this page; STRESSED? OFF SICK?

1 in 4 people allege they are being bullied at work

1 in 8 people are affected by bullying at work


So Many thanks for all your help in resolving the matter. Didn't anticipate that this would have taken so long or being such a difficult matter to overcome. I wish you all the best in the future, and hope you continue to help and support people who have experienced workplace situations like mine. Thank you so much again. M. 31 July 2014.

Before I called your helpline I rang a well-known Government helpline. It took me ages to get through. Then, I was told that they could only advise on points of law and not help me with my case. You were marvellous. You looked at my documents and advised me exactly what to do. All I needed was to know was that I was within my rights raising a complaint even though my employers policies were unclear. Thank you for the good work that you do. BH. June 2014.

It was you who kept me sane when I was at my worse. I was far too ill to deal with them while I was there, as advised by you..... Keep up the good work. Your recognition will come. I don't have any gold, but if I did!!! You know I think you're worth more than your weight in gold. Your ability to listen to my rambling, make sense of it, understand what I went through and then give me good advice, helped tremendously. I will be in your debt forever. Even if I get nowhere with my case. Yvonne. October 2008.

I saw you on 'This Morning' after having read about your most recent case in the papers. Thank goodness that there are people like you who are willing to help ordinary workers fight against their Goliaths. Thanks again. Wife on behalf of her husband, who was bullied. June 2006.

"You are doing God's work". Helpline caller. Jan 2009.





All forms of discrimination or 'less favourable treatment' are unlawful. If you beleive you are being treated unfairly, seek professional advice immediately.


Several employees have resigned from their organisation and then called us. Contact us before you take action.

We have over 12 years of successfully resolving conflict in the workplace. We understand current (and past) Employment Law and we provide a complete solution to all forms of workplace conflict.

Our initial advice and observations are FREE

We will not divulge your name to your employer without your permission.

We will want to help you resolve the position with your employer and endeavour to avoid expensive litigation for both you and your employer.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with Bullying and Harassment cases and our track record shows that we have been involved in very few cases that have ended at an Employment Tribunal hearing.

Please call us on 0845 22 55 787 or email:


SUSPENDED For raising a Grievance?

DISCIPLINED For raising a Grievance?

REDUNDANT For raising a Grievance?

EXCLUDED For raising a Grievance?

Does this sound familiar? If you have complained about the way you have been treated at work and it has led to 'less favourable treatment' (which may be discrimination), you should seek expert advice and support.


If you work in the Education or NHS Sector, you may have a right to be accompanied at a disciplinary meeting by an Employment Law Solicitor! Case Law: March 2009. Up to now, under the Employment Relations Act 1999s10., employee’s only have a right to be accompanied at a formal meeting by a trade union representative or a colleague. In a ground-breaking Case, a recent High Court ruled that an employer must now allow a worker to have legal representation at his/her disciplinary hearing, where the circumstances are so serious that a potential outcome might impact on the employee’s Human Rights. In a case involving “R v The Governors of ‘X’ School and ‘Y’ Council, a High Court ruled that, in the context of the Education Act 2002 s.142 this employment law rule was trumped by the Human Rights Act and that the employee had the right to legal representation at a disciplinary hearing. Specifically the High Court ruled that: "the gravity of the particular allegations made against the Claimant (sexual impropriety with a person under 18 and abuse of position of trust), taken together with the very serious impact upon the Claimant's future working life ....... are such that he was, and is, entitled to legal representation at hearings before the Disciplinary Committee and the Appeal Committee".

Note, in a previous case involving Kulkarni v Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Trust in August 2008, the High Court came to the opposite conclusion on analogous, but not identical, facts. In the 2008 case a Doctor was accused of sexual impropriety with a patient - apparently the Doctor had placed a stethoscope under the patient's knickers without her permission. The High Court held that the Doctor was not allowed legal representation at a disciplinary hearing. The 2008 case was decided essentially on the grounds that the Doctor's rights under the Human Rights Act were adequately protected by his rights of appeal - grounds specifically rejected in the present case, albeit on different facts.

The National Bullying Helpline is just a single phone call away, so if you feel that you are being bullied through the process, in any way' give us a call - in complete confidence.


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